To be able to withdraw, you need to bet a minimum of ₹10. It would be best to have a balance of at least ₹10 in your account. The withdrawal time is from 00:00 to 23:59, so you can apply for a withdrawal anytime within this time frame. Please keep in mind that you are only allowed to make a maximum of three withdrawals per day.
The withdrawal amount range is between ₹110 to ₹100,000. This means that you can withdraw any amount between ₹110 and ₹100,000, subject to the available balance in your account. Please ensure that you confirm your beneficial account information before making a withdrawal. If incorrect information is provided, 82Lottery will not be held responsible for any loss of funds.

Please contact our friendly customer service team immediately if you notice any inaccurate information. They will help you update your information and ensure your withdrawal request is processed without issues.

The 82Lottery experience perfectly combines the excitement of gaming and the ease of safe financial transactions. Our financial services are designed to provide a hassle-free journey for our users. When you enter the world of 82Lottery, you can be confident in the safety and simplicity of every transaction.

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